Our Services

Premium Package includes: specialized shampoo, remoisturizing conditioner, teeth brushing and nail grinding

Deluxe Spa package includes: everything in the premium package plus a full body massage, blueberry facial, hair decor and/or nail polish and play time

Pick 3 package: choose 3 from teeth brushing, extra brushing, blueberry facial, degreaser, paw spa (helps heal cracked paws), remoisturizing conditioner or nail grinding

De Shed package includes: special shampoos (loosens undercoat), remoisturizing conditioner, “clipper vac” system (pulls & vacuums hair off body) and fulmination


We provide the following services for both cats and dogs:
**Please note that for the safety of your pet and others around them, we do require all vaccinations to be up-to-date. That includes distemper, bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies. If you are a new client, please make sure to bring vaccination records or provide us with your vet clinic to have them faxed to us. Thank you for your understanding!

Bath and Brush: Your pet will be treated to a warm bath with one of our various shampoos. They will have their anal glands relieved and their ears cleaned. They will then be hand dried and thoroughly brushed or furminated. Following this, they will get their nails clipped and, if needed, their hair trimmed. To top it all off, your pet will be accessorized with either a scarf or some bows.

Full Groom: This includes everything listed in the Bath and Brush. In addition, they will receive a customized hair cut to suit you and your pets wants and needs!

Specialty Baths:

Skunk Bath: If your pet has recently been sprayed by a skunk, we have the perfect thing to rid them of the horrid smell. We will use our special mixture to get your pet back to their originial smell. This will be included in either the Bath and Brush or the Full Groom.

Deshed: Even the worst of shedders is no match for us! Your pet will be thoroughly brushed or furminated. This can be included in any Bath and Brush or Full Groom.

Demat: Your pet will get a warm bath with one of our various shampoos and will then be conditioned. After being hand dried, they will be thoroughly brushed.

Flea and Tick Bath: Your pet will be bathed with our special Flea and Tick shampoo. It will kill any pests that are living on your pet, but will not kill any eggs. Because of this, we recommend that your pet be treated for fleas and ticks year round. (We highly recommend Frontline.)

**specialty baths may be an extra charge.

General Services:

*NEW* Temporary hair coloring

*NEW* Body/hair bling

Hair Feathers

Nail Trim

Nail Painting

Teeth Brushing

Ear Cleaning

Anal Gland Expression


**The price of your bath or groom will depend on the size and temperament of your pet along will the type and condition of their coat. If you would like a rough estimate of cost, please give us a call! We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, and checks!

The Barking Barber Shop is full of kind, wonderful people who take very good care of the pets entrusted to them.  I get to see this each day I work at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, and I have heard it many times from long-time clients.  We have some very special pets with special needs, sometimes needing a little extra time and care.  I have seen Judy and her staff give these kids extra attention to make sure they have a good day while getting beautiful.

There are absolutely no better girls to take care of my Walter than Judy, Kacy and the phenomenal team at Barking Barbershop! They truly understand how much our pets mean to us and go out of their way to accommodate their needs and ours.


We moved to Kearney in 2015 and the Gals at BBS are absolutely the best! They love your pet just like you do and take care of them the same. We have a Golden doodle that LOVES going there as soon as we mention it. Very fair prices and excellent service!

The Koster’s

We have been bringing our fur babies to the Barking Barber Shop for over 20 years. Currently Loui (our Himalayan cat) and Sadi (our Pomeranian dog) go to “Spaw” day every 4 weeks. It’s such a treat for them when they go and they look fabulous when they are done. These groomers are the best!!

The Dozlers

Our dog Gauge absolutely loves his baths! We ask him if he wants a bath and he whimpers and whines until he gets in the door then he is so excited and knows the routine once he gets there. Everyone is always so welcoming and happy to see him and we know that he is being well cared for while he is there!

Jenny Ulrich Ord, NE

Absolutely love this place! We wouldn't use anyone else to groom our 3 Doodle's. We have been going here for about 3 years and I can't say enough about everyone that works there! They are always friendly, caring and devoted to each individual pet. They all have a way with my pups that makes them feel so comfortable. All 3 love going for their spa day! And they always smell and look SO good! Hands down the best groomer in town!!!

Shelly, Cashew & Rory

We've been going to Barking Barber for over 11 years. Cashew likes it so much that we have to spell J·U·D·Y in front of him, to say that he likes his spa days is an understatement!

Shelly, Cashew & Rory
Tonya and Brad Skiles

I have nothing but great things to say about the team at Barking Barbershop. Our girls love going there and they always come home looking great. They even know how great because they prance around after their grooms. I don’t take the care of our girls lightly and I would only recommend someplace I know they are getting treated like one of their own. Barking Barbershop is that place!  I can’t thank them enough for all they do.

LaVonne Oxford

The Barking Barber is a very caring grooming place. For both dogs and cats. So friendly as you walk in.


This is Izzy!  She is a 7 year old schnoodle and she has been going to The Barking Barbershop all her life. She has always been nervous about us leaving her with other people. The girls at the shop always call her by name and make her feel as if she is their family. They do a great job with her haircuts, always asking exactly what we want done each time. And it is so convenient to have the Cottonwood Veterinary clinic there and they take care of all her shots and keep her up to date on everything while she is there. We drive 65 miles just to take her to Judy and staff because of the way she is treated and the great service we get.  Thank you Judy for your caring service to our precious family member.